CSB GP12120 VRAL Battery for UPS

CSB GP12120 VRAL Battery for UPS

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Brand: CSB
Product Code: GP12120
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Model: GP12120 ...

Product Description

Model: GP12120
Manufacturer: CSB
VOLT: 12.0V
AH: 12Ah
Terminal: F1/F2 - Faston Tab187/250 (F2 terminal fits APC UPS)
LENGTH: 151mm
WIDTH: 98mm
HEIGHT: 100mm
WEIGHT: 3.67kg

  • 12v 12Ah sealed lead acid battery for UPS systems and standby power applications.
  • As with all CSB batteries, all are rechargeable, highly efficient, leak proof and maintenance free.
  • Equivalent to the following batteries
    * Rocket ES12-12
    * Enersys / Yuasa NP12-12
    * Powersonic PS-12100 / PS12120
    * Panasonic LC-RA1212P
    * Panasonic LC-R1212BD B&D Part No. 372321 (only 1 reqd.)
    * Sonnenschien A212/12G
    * Portalac PX12090 PE12V12F2 PX12120
    * B&B BP12-12
    * Hitachi HP12-12
    * Volcano KB12120
    * Fiamm FG21201 FG21202
    * MK Battery ES12-12
    * Exide EP12-12
    * Injusa High Power IJ12-12 HR
    * Diamec DM12-12
    * CSB Battery GH12100 GP12110
    * Vision CP12120
    * Ultracell CB12-12 UC12-12

Batteries for the RBC pack cross reference

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Download: CSB GP12120 Spec Sheet

IMPORTANT: Manufacturers change battery specifications without notice. The description and images of this product shown on this website may be different from the actual product.

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