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csb battery evx12260, ups vrla batteries, ups0022

CSB Battery EVX12260

  • $145.00
  • Brand: CSB
  • Product Code:ups0022
  • Availability:In Stock

Manufacturer: CSB
VOLT: 12.0
TERMINAL: B1/B3/B3B-L terminal to accept M5 nut & bolt
LENGTH: 175mm
WIDTH: 166mm
HEIGHT: 125mm
Weight: Approx. 8.65 kg. (19.07 lbs.)



  • The CSB EVX12260 is probably the best cyclic battery for wheelchair and golf caddy ( Hill Billy and Powakaddy ) applications.
  • Use it to replace batteries in Hill Billy Powakaddy and many other powered devices.
  • Such as electric golf cart, electric wheelchair, mower, dust collector etc.
    Click here for more details on CSB VRLA Battery Applications
  • Has high cycling life, high efficiency and long service life.
  • No dangerous gas will be generated.
  • Isolated seal
  • High rate discharge construction.
  • Deep discharge recoverability.
  • Cycle or standby (or float) use.
  • ISO9001, 14001 certified.
  • B1/B3/B3B-L terminal to accept M5 nut & bolt
  • IMPORTANT: Manufacturers change battery specifications without notice.

Batteries for the RBC pack cross reference

CSB EVX12260 Spec Sheet-(43.51K)

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