Supreme Battery 24F-675 for 4WD

Supreme Battery 24F-675 for 4WD

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Brand: Crown
Product Code: 24F-675
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Model: Supreme 24F-675

Product Description

Model: Supreme 24F-675
Manufacturer: Crown Battery
VOLT: 12.0v
CCA: 675CCA, 105RC
LENGTH: 260mm
WIDTH: 171mm
HEIGHT: 229mm


  • Crown Supreme 24F-675 automotive battery for heavy duty truck and 4WD
  • 12v, 675CCA, 105RC
  • Equivalent to NS70L / Delkor NX110-5LMF
  • Powerful, exact OEM fit batteries guarantee our customers never have to settle for batteries that "almost" meet their needs
  • Terminal orientation
  • IMPORTANT: Manufacturers change battery specifications without notice.

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