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dc-0009, marine and deep cycle battery, supreme 27dc115 deep cycle batte

Supreme 27DC115 Deep Cycle Battery

  • $210.00
  • Product Code:DC-0009
  • Availability:In Stock

Model: 27DC115 (N70ZZ size)
Manufacturer: Crown Battery
VOLT: 12.0v
AH: 115Ah
LENGTH: 334mm
WIDTH: 171mm
HEIGHT: 238mm
WEIGHT: 26.4kg



  • Crown SUpreme 27DC36 has been rename name to 27DC115 to reflect its capacity
  • Crown Supreme 27DC115, 12V, 115Ah,
  • Brand New Heavy Duty DEEP CYCLE battery
  • Trojan Equivalent 27TMH
  • Handles enable easy lifting in tight spaces
  • Dual marine terminals allow you to hook up all your electronic gear.
  • Large vent caps reduce the potential for acid leakage.
  • Suitable for marine & RV, renewable energy (solar, etc.), & floor machines.
  • For Nilfisk Carpet and Hard Floor Sweepers:
    Retriever 134B        27DC115 x2 
    Retriever 300B
    27DC115 x1  
    Retriever 350B
    27DC115 x1
  • For Tennant Floor Sweeper
    5200 Scrubber 27DC115 (2 Batteries)
  • Terminal type: Standard
  • crown_type_std
  • All Supreme batteries are make by CROWN Batteries, a world class batteries manufacturer in USA
  • Crown Batteries is the OEM battery supplier for Club Car
  • Please Note 27DC115 115AH in a N70ZZ case the most AH you can get thats 43% more than your average N70ZZ case for no more money
  • IMPORTANT: Manufacturers change battery specifications without notice.

 Supreme 27DC115 DataSheet

Crown Supreme Battery Fitment Guide

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