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dc-0007, marine and deep cycle battery, supreme 24dc95 deep cycle batter

Supreme 24DC95 Deep Cycle Battery

  • $180.00
  • Product Code:DC-0007
  • Availability:In Stock

Model: 24DC95 (Trojan 24TMH)
Manufacturer: Crown Battery
VOLT: 12v
AH: 95Ah
LENGTH: 283mm
WIDTH: 171mm
HEIGHT: 238mm (T/H)
WEIGHT: 22.3kg



  • Crown Supreme 24DC36 has been rename to 24DC95 in order to reflect its capacity
  • Crown Supreme 24DC95, 12V, 95Ah, DEEP CYCLE BATTERY
  • Trojan 24TMH equivalent
  • Suitable for marine & RV, renewable energy (solar, etc.), & floor machines.
  • Supreme batteries - are top quality American made Trojan replacement batteries manufactured by Crown Batteries.
  • Crown Batteries is the OEM battery manufacturer for Club Car
  • These batteries are tried and tested in Australia with excellent feedback.
  • Terminal type: Standard
  • Download DataSheet:  24DC95.pdf
  • IMPORTANT: Manufacturers change battery specifications without notice.

The description and image sof this product shown in this website may be different to the actual product.



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